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Thank you to all the volunteers who make Feed Galveston possible to provide nutritious food for the Galveston County Food Bank.

Our next Packaging Event will be a students-only event at Ball High School in December 2024!


Because of your generosity through contributions to Feed Galveston and volunteering, our Galveston neighbors in need will have food to eat. If you would like to keep making a difference, please contribute toward our next Feed Galveston packaging event. Every dollar donated supports this mission!

If you haven’t been to one of our events before, click here to learn more about it.

If you would like to donate to Feed Galveston, please click here. Every $0.33 enables us to buy 1 serving of food.

We appreciate your interest and support of FeedGalveston. You can help our efforts to feed the hungry in Galveston County by participating in food packaging events and/or by making a monetary donation to FeedGalveston. Each $1 donation is enough to package 3 meals!

Feed Galveston is a ministry of First Lutheran Church of Galveston.

If you would like to donate using a credit or debit card, please click the button below. If you would like to mail in a check, please send to:

First Lutheran Church of Galveston
2415 Ave. G
Galveston, TX 77550

Success! WE packaged 50,000 meals on FEBRUARY 17, 2024

January 7, 2023: 50,000 Packaged Meals Completed!

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Success at ball high School during The 2022 “Share Your Holiday” food drive!

In December 2022, we partnered with Galveston Ball High School’s Share Your Holiday program to package 50,000 meals with the help of teachers, students, and First Lutheran Church volunteers.

We are made up of volunteers! A meal packaging event is a perfect way to engage with your friends, co-workers, and families in a fun, team-building activity that creates immediate social impact. Feed Galveston has found that people like to do something practical to make Galveston County a better place. Whether you can help package meals, lift heavy boxes, put stickers on packages, or just want to greet people at the door, Feed Galveston needs your help!

We use an assembly line style that was invented by the Outreach Program for volunteers to engage in the process of packaging the dry ingredients of one or more varieties. One person working can package 200 meals in just one hour!

At a typical Food Packaging Event, we complete over 50,000 meals in about 3 hours with about 100 volunteers.

A delivery truck from the Galveston County Food Bank loads the boxes for us to transport their warehouse facility in Texas City for immediate usage! The meals have a shelf life of 3 years.

HUNGER FACTS: Food Insecurity and Hunger

Help your hungry neighbors.

Food insecurity is defined as “families who are unable to consistently access adequate amounts of nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.” (Source: Feeding TexasHunger is defined as “the uneasy or painful sensation caused by a lack of food.” (Source: Food, Research, and Action Center – FRAC)

Hunger is the world’s number one health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Approximately 35.5 million Americans are food insecure (Source: Feeding America)

Texas has 1.3 million food insecure households (more than 3 million people) which is the third highest in the Nation. (Source: United States Department of Agriculture)

Texas has the seventh-highest rate of hunger at 5.1% of households in the United States.

In Galveston County (Source: Feeding Texas):

  • 18.1% of people are food insecure. (53,460 individuals)
  • 24.9 % of children live in these same homes (18,390 children)

What Can You Do?

33 cents feeds a child, $1 feels a family of 3. Money raised turns into people fed. Donations of all sizes help feed our hungry neighbors!

With over 50,000 meals packaged per event, we need hands to make this happen!

Provides packaged meals for

Galveston County Food Bank

The Galveston County Food Bank is the central hub for our county’s hunger and relief efforts.

Galveston County Food Bank

Our food packaging events are complete when the Galveston County Food Bank sends their truck to load the meals and transport them back to their warehouse for immediate distribution.

They secure and distribute food, build partnerships and mobilize volunteers so that hungry children, seniors, working poor and jobless adults get the food they need to make it through each and every month.

Partnered with the

The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program
The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation that organizes food packaging events across the US, Canada, and supporting countries. Based in Union, IA, they have packaged nearly 580 million meals to date.

The mission of the Outreach Program is to provide safe waterfoodmedical care, and education to those in need, at home and abroad. 




100% of all donations are used for obtaining food and packaging materials. $1 = 3 MEALS!


Form a volunteer team with friends and family – or just bring yourself – to help package meals!


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volunteer for feed galveston
Galveston Community Volunteers


In December 2020, we partnered with Galveston Ball High School’s Share Your Holiday program to package 50,000 meals with the help of teachers, students, and First Lutheran Church volunteers.

On September 12-16, 2020 with 14 volunteers per shift (2 shifts per day), we packaged over 50,000 meals. This was our longest event and was a huge success, due to the dedication of the volunteers, including Boy Scout Troop 123 of Galveston.

“God’s love in Jesus Christ empowers us to serve God by serving our neighbors. The Feed Galveston ministry is one way we can meaningfully serve our neighbors. It is ‘God’s Work’ through ‘Our Hands.’ And, it is our hope for the hungry to be fed, yet even more we hope to build lasting relationships as we serve our neighbors and walk together sharing the love God has for all.”


our Career numbers Since 2016




How It Works

Click here to learn how our assembly line style of food packaging works!

feed galveston packaging meals
How meal Packaging Works

Form Your Team!

You can just volunteer by yourself and show up at our next packaging event, or you can form a team and have fun with your family and friends! Use the form below to sign up for notifications for when the next packaging event is scheduled!

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Form Your Volunteer Team Today!